The King’s Avatar

Released Date : 2017
Genre: Action , Animation , Drama , Sci-Fi , Comedy , Adventure
Stars: Guanlin Ji , Jie Zhang , Shiyu Qiao , Tianxiang Yang , Xinzhu Tong
Synopsis: Ye Xiu, a top-tier pro player in the MMORPG Glory is forced to retire by his game company. When Glory's 10th server launches, Ye Xiu reenters the game scheme under a new character with 10 ...

the kings avatar anime

Season 1

the king's avatar.S01E01:  720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E02: 720p1080p

the king's avatar.S01E03:  720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E04:  720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E05:  720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E06: 720p  | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E07: 720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E08: 720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E09: 720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E10: 720p | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E11:  720p  | 1080p

the king's avatar.S01E12: 720p | 1080p

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