The Bold Type

Released:  2017
Genre:  Drama
Score:  8/10
Network: Freeform

Synopsis:  The series is inspired by the life of the editor of the Women's Magazine, Joana Klass. In this series, a glimpse into the strange life of the staff of this magazine and ...


Season 5

The Bold Type.S05E01:   480p   |  720p x265

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The Bold Type.S05E03:   x265720p |  480p

The Bold Type.S05E04:   x265720p |  480p

The Bold Type.S05E05:   x265720p |  480p

The Bold Type.S05E06:   x265720p |  480p

Season 4

The Bold Type.S04E01:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E02:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E03:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E04:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E05:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E06:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E07:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E08:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E09:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E10:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E11:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E12:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E13:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E14:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E15:   480p   |  720p x265

The Bold Type.S04E16:   480p   |  720p x265