Terra Nova

Release Date: 2011

Genre: Action - Fantasy - Drama

Product: America

Score: - / 10

Channel: FOX

Synopsis: The storyline starts in 2149. Where human beings are on the earth one of the darkest times of their lives, and the human race is at great risk of extinction. But with the advancement of science at that time, scientists created a portal that allowed travels 85 million years ago and in prehistoric times. This high-risk trip is the last hope of humanity to compensate for the mistake that made it a dark era in 2149

terro nova

Season 1

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Episode 3  480px  720p.x265
Episode 4  480px  720p.x265
Episode 5  480px  720p.x265
Episode 6  480px  720p.x265
Episode 7  480px  720p.x265
Episode 8  480px  720p.x265
Episode 9  480px  720p.x265
Episode 10  480px  720p.x265
Episode 11  480px  720p.x265
Episode 12  480px  720p.x265
Episode 13  480px  720p.x265