Release Date: 2017
Genre: Action / Adventure / Criminal
Product: America
Score: 6/10
Broadcast Channel: CBS America
Synopsis: SWAT SWAT is the new serial title of the CBS network, with its first chapter beginning. The story is based on SWAT's anti-swindle group, with Daniell, the leader of the Los Angeles community. When the crisis begins, the group is ready to put their education into reality and restore calm to the streets of the city.


Season 6

SWAT.S06E01:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E02:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E03:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E04:  720px265480p

SWAT.S06E05:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E06:  720px265480p

SWAT.S06E07:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E08:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E09:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E10:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E11:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E12:  720px265480p

SWAT.S06E13:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E14:  720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E15: 720px265480p

SWAT.S06E16: 720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E17: 720px265 | 480p

SWAT.S06E18: 480p

SWAT.S06E19: 480p

SWAT.S06E20: 480p | 720px265

SWAT.S06E21: 480p | 720px265

SWAT.S06E22: 480p

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