Release Date: 2022
Genres: Animation Action Comedy
Creator: Tatsuya EndoStars: Takuya Eguchi  Atsumi Tanezaki  Saori Hayami
Synopsis: A spy on an undercover mission gets married and adopts a child as part of his cover. His wife and daughter have secrets of their own, and all three must strive to keep together.


spy x family poster

Season 1

Spy x Family.S01E01: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E02: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E03: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E04: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E05: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E06: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E07: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E08: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E09: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E10: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E11: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E12: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E13: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E14: 720p1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E15: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E16: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E17: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E18: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E19: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E20: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E21: 720p1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E22: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E23: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E24: 720p | 1080px26510bit

Spy x Family.S01E25: 720p | 1080px26510bit