Shadow and Bone

Released: 2021
Score: 9.3/10
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Stars: Jasmine BlackborowLuke, PasqualinoJim, HighBen, BarnesZoë Wanamaker
Synopsis: In a world cleaved in two by a massive barrier of perpetual darkness, a young soldier uncovers a power that might finally unite her country. But as she struggles to hone her power, dangerous forces plot against her. Thugs, thieves, assassins and saints are at war now, and it will take more than magic to survive.

shadow and bone

Season 2

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Hindi + English
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Shadow and Bone.S02E01: 720p | 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit

Shadow and Bone.S02E02: 720p | 720px26510bit
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Season 1

Shadow and Bone.S01E01: 480p | 720px265

Shadow and Bone.S01E02: 480p | 720px265

Shadow and Bone.S01E03: 480p | 720px265

Shadow and Bone.S01E04: 480p | 720px265

Shadow and Bone.S01E05: 480p | 720px265

Shadow and Bone.S01E06: 480p | 720px265

Shadow and Bone.S01E07: 480p | 720px265

Shadow and Bone.S01E08: 480p | 720p