Released: 2021
Network: Apple TV+
Executive producers: Craig Gillespie, Liza Johnson
Synopsis: A quietly tortured woman supports her husband's bid for state assembly while battling personal demons until she finds release through the world of aerobics.


Season 2

Physical.S02E01: 1080px265 | 720px265

Physical.S02E02: 1080px265 | 720px265

Physical.S02E03: 1080px265 | 720px265

Physical.S02E04: 1080px265 | 720px265

Physical.S02E05: 1080px265 | 720px265

Physical.S02E06: 1080px265 | 720px265

Physical.S02E07: 1080px265 | 720px265

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Physical.S02E09: 1080px265 | 720px265

Physical.S02E10: 1080px265 | 720px265