My Brilliant Friend

Released : 2018
Genre: Drama
Score: 7.6 /10
Network: HBO
Synopsis:  Elena, who is now an elderly woman, finds out that her old friend Layla has disappeared without a trace. In a house full of books, Elena sits on her computer and begins to write the story of a long-standing friendship that began in 1950 with Leila's visit to elementary school. A story that narrates 60 years of friendship in the most dangerous and enticing city of Naples in those years and attempts to describe the plot of Layla, a friend of genius and, to some extent, his worst enemy.

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Season 3

My brilliant friend.S03E01:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265

My brilliant friend.S03E02:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265

My brilliant friend.S03E03:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265

My brilliant friend.S03E04:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265

My brilliant friend.S03E05:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265

My brilliant friend.S03E06:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265

My brilliant friend.S03E07:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265

My brilliant friend.S03E08:   480p720p x265 | 1080px265


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