Release year: 2015
Genre: mysterious | Criminal | Drama
Score: 8.6 / 10
Product: UK
Synopsis : Luther is the BBC One UK filmmaker's drama series, which began broadcasting on the network in 2010. The main actor and first-line plot of the series are played by actress Osnay of England's Cinema and Hollywood's Idris Elba, who plays as Luther. Jane Luther is a custodian and chief inspector, who is in the first chapter in a serious crime unit and in the second chapter in the unit. Serious crime and chain work. Luther is both a specialist police officer and a genius. He is obsessive and powerful, and sometimes dangerous because of the loss of control of his violence, Lutard has paid a great deal of cost for his particularity. He can not separate the crimes that are coming to him. For Luther, his work is always in the top priority, his specialty is both a blessing and a curse both for himself and for those who are close to him ...

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