Lethal Weapon

11 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon

  1. episode 15 lethal weapon link is working now, but the your link has episode 13 in that link and it is not the episode 15. please take action to correct that

    1. yes the link is working, but the problem is not that. the problem is that your link has the episode 13 not the episode 15,

  2. can you please check the episode 15 link again. it is not changed. i really miss the lethal weapon season finale man

  3. unfortunately in episode 15 480p link still contain the game of chicken episode not the latest one which name as the spy who loved me. please try to correct it. i again download the same old episode 3 times now.

  4. i would like to inform you that in the lethal weapon s3 episode 15 (your latest link that you put here today) contain the episode 14 not the latest episode please make it right. so when i download episode 15 and play that. it has the episode 14 not the latest episode.

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