Released: 2020
Genre: Racing
Stars:  Devin Gabriel, Torie Henry, Dj Mikeq
Rating: 7 /10
network: Hbomax
Summary Story: A Wag group called "Houses", from the heart of the underground community, intends to take part in challenges and fashion competitions and win prizes in these competitions.


Season 3

Legendary.S03E01: 480p

Legendary.S03E02: 480p 

Legendary.S03E03: 480p 

Legendary.S03E04: 480p

Legendary.S03E05: 480p 

Legendary.S03E06: 480p 

Legendary.S03E07: 480p

Legendary.S03E08: 480p 

Legendary.S03E09: 480p 

Legendary.S03E10: 480p

Season 2

Legendary.S02E01: 480p

Legendary.S02E02: 480p 

Legendary.S02E03: 480p 

Legendary.S02E04: 480p

Legendary.S02E05: 480p 

Legendary.S02E06: 480p 

Legendary.S02E07: 480p

Legendary.S02E08: 480p 

Legendary.S02E09: 480p 

Legendary.S02E10: 480p 

Season 1

Legendary.S01E01: 480p

Legendary.S01E02: 480p 

Legendary.S01E03: 480p 

Legendary.S01E04: 480p

Legendary.S01E05: 480p 

Legendary.S01E06: 480p 

Legendary.S01E07: 480p

Legendary.S01E08: 480p 

Legendary.S01E09: 480p