High Card

Released: 2023
Genre: Animation Action Adventure
Creators: Homura Kawamoto  Hikaru Muno
Stars: Yû Kobayashi  Shun Horie  Rie Takahashi
Synopsis: The High Card is a secret club of people who own magical playing cards, which specializes in tracking down missing cards and retrieving them.


high cards poster

Season 1

High Card.S01E01: 720p

High Card.S01E02: 720p

High Card.S01E03: 720p

High Card.S01E04: 720p

High Card.S01E05: 720p

High Card.S01E06: 720p

High Card.S01E07: 720p

High Card.S01E08: 720p

High Card.S01E09: 720p

High Card.S01E10: 720p

High Card.S01E11: 720p

High Card.S01E12: 720p