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Everything We Know About Money Heist: Korea

With Álex Pina’s Money Heist concluding in December 2021, here’s everything we know about Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. First released in May 2017 in Spain under the name La Casa De Papel (The House of Paper), the crime drama Money Heist became an international hit after being picked up by Netflix later that same year. Money Heist would go on to run for an impressive 41 episodes stretched across five “Parts” (three seasons total) before its dramatic finale, and garnered a fervent fanbase despite very little by the way of marketing efforts from Netflix during its initial streaming release.

Money Heist drew rave reviews across its Netflix run due to its ability to successfully subvert several classic tropes of the heist genre. Álex Pina’s complex series employed a sophisticated plot, interpersonal dramas, flashbacks, time-jumps, and an unreliable narrator in order to keep its audiences guessing right up until The Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) final scheme to loot the Bank of Spain. Money Heist also became a cultural phenomenon, particularly in Pina’s native Spain, with the series becoming the most-watched non-English-language series and one of the most-swatched series overall on Netflix by summer 2018.

As a result, it is little surprise that Netflix has returned for a second bite of the cherry to make Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. A remake of the Spanish TV drama, Money Heist: Korea is a South Korean drama series set to involve a new set of masterminds and schemers as they navigate a taut hostage crisis. Here’s everything we know about Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, including a look at the upcoming Netflix series’ new trailer.

Money Heist: Korea is scheduled to release on June 24, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. This concrete release date is a welcome sight for fans of the Money Heist franchise, with Money Heist: Korea enduring production delays due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in summer 2021. Money Heist: Korea is set to release with 12 episodes available to stream via Netflix.