Doctor Who

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Family | Science Fiction
Rating:  8.8 / 10
Product: America
Broadcast: Sundays
Broadcast Channel: BBC One
Synopsis: Dr. Ho (Doctor Who) is a brilliant science fiction series created by the BBC television network. The story of a mysterious traveler with his own time machine called The Doctor. "The Doctor" of the Time Lord or the Lord of Time is a fantasy creature like man, but another resident of Calif. The masters of time were the creators who became specialist in time travels. In the series, we will get acquainted with different characters from these creatures.


Season 14

Doctor Who.S14E00.Eve of the daleks: 480p720px265 

Doctor Who.S14E00.Legend of the sea devils: 480p720px265 

Doctor Who new special episode.The power of the doctor: 720px265 | 480p

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