Dark Desire

Released: 2020
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Stars: Magali Boysselle, Erik Hayser, Paulina Matos
Score: 6.3 out of 10
Network: Netflix
Synopsis:  Alma spends a crucial weekend away from home that dampens her enthusiasm. This tragedy ends and leads him to question the truth about his loved ones and…

Dark-Desire poster

Season 2

Hindi + English + Spanish
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Dark Desire.S02E01: 720px265

Dark Desire.S02E02: 720px265

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Dark Desire.S02E15: 720px265

Season 1

Hindi + Spanish
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Dark Desire.S01E01: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E02: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E03: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E04: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E05: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E06: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E07: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E08: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E09: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E10: 720p

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Dark Desire.S01E17: 720p

Dark Desire.S01E18: 720p