The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Release Date: 2018
Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy
Score: 8/10
Broadcast Channel: Netflix America
Synopsis: The series is based on comic books of the same name and intended to originate from Sabrina's character, focusing on the dark and dark period of this character's adolescence. Sabrina is in conflict with its dual identity, which is half human and mortal and half wizardly and almost immortal. Meanwhile, he must fight and fight, in addition to the problems he has, with the evil forces who threaten both him and his family, the people and the world in which they live. Sabrina is beginning to learn her powers, and she wants to continue her normal life at Baxter High School and seeks a balance between the two lives.



Season 4

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E01: 720px26510bit | 480p

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E02: 720px26510bit | 480p

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E03: 720px26510bit | 480p

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E04: 720px26510bit | 480p

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E05: 720px26510bit | 480p

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E06: 720px26510bit | 480p

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E07: 720px26510bit | 480p

Chilling adventures of sabrina.S04E08: 720px26510bit | 480p

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