Released: 2021
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Stars:  Adrien BrodyJennifer EnsSirena Gulamgaus
Network: epix
Synopsis: The events of the series Chaploite take place in the 1850s, and it tells the story of Captain Charles Boone, who, after the death of his wife at sea, moves his three children to his ancestral home in his small, seemingly lifeless town. However, Charlesville will soon have to face the mysteries of his family's mysterious history and fight to end the darkness that has plagued Boone for generations.


Season 1

Chapelwaite.S01E01:  x265720p  |  480p 

Chapelwaite.S01E02:  x265720p  |  480p

Chapelwaite.S01E03:  x265720p  |  480p 

Chapelwaite.S01E04:  x265720p  |  480p 

Chapelwaite.S01E05:  x265720p  |  480p 

Chapelwaite.S01E06:  x265720p  |  480p

Chapelwaite.S01E07:  x265720p  |  480p 

Chapelwaite.S01E08:  x265720p |  480p

Chapelwaite.S01E09:  x265720p |  480p

Chapelwaite.S01E10:   x265720p |  480p