Chainsaw Man

Released Date: 2022
Genres: Animation Action Adventure
Stars: Ryan Colt Levy  Fairouz Ai  Sarah Wiedenheft
Synopsis: Following a betrayal, a young man left for the dead is reborn as a powerful devil-human hybrid after merging with his pet devil and is soon enlisted into an organization dedicated to hunting devils.


chainsaw man poster

Season 1

Chainsaw man.S01E01: 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit

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Chainsaw man.S01E03: 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit

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Chainsaw man.S01E06: 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit

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Chainsaw man.S01E08: 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit

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Chainsaw man.S01E10: 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit

Chainsaw man.S01E11: 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit

Chainsaw man.S01E12: 720px26510bit | 1080px26510bit