Korean Series TV Series 2022

Reborn Rich

8/10 | Drama Fantasy Romance | After ten years, a loyal employee is framed for embezzlement, then murdered by his employers, only to be reborn as their youngest son, with a yearn for revenge guiding his hostile takeover. Stars: Song Joong-ki  Lee Sung-min  Jo Han-chul (0)

Korean Series

Flower of Evil

TV-14 | Crime Mystery Romance | 8.7/10  “Flower of Evil” is a suspense melodrama about a man who hides his cruel past and changes his identity, while his detective wife tracks down his past. Stars: Lee Joon-Gi  Moon Chae-Won  Seo Hyun-woo (0)

Korean Series TV Series 2022


8/10 | Crime Drama Fantasy | A man is kidnapped and one of his eyes removed by a gang of organ hunters. His eyes was transplanted into body of a serial killer. The unwilling donor now has terrible visions as he witnesses terrifying attacks on the residents of Seoul. Stars: Jung Hae-in  Go Kyung-Pyo  Kim Hye-jun   […]

Korean Series TV Series 2022

Narco Saints ( The Accidental Narco) – Complete Season 1

TV – MA Stars: Ha Jung-woo  Hwang Jung-min  Park Hae-soo A civilian businessman who has no choice but to cooperate with the secret operation of the National Intelligence Service to arrest the Korean drug lord who has taken control of Suriname in South America. English + Korean 720p10bit (0)

Korean Series TV Series 2022

The Sound of Magic

TV- 14 |  Drama, Fantasy, Music | 7.5/10  When she was little, Yun Ai dreamed of becoming a magician. But in reality, she’s just a high school student who can’t even afford new socks. After meeting a mysterious magician at a carnival, she decides to follow her dream Stars: Ji Chang-Wook, Lisa Yamada, Hwang In-Yeop (0)