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The Terminal List Season 2 Exciting Update Coming Soon Teases Amazon Exec

The Terminal List season 2 gets an update from Amazon executive Vernon Sanders, who teases that an exciting announcement is coming very soon. Based on the book series of the same name by author Jack Carr, The Terminal List season 1 was released on Prime Video this past summer, earning mostly negative reviews from critics but an enthusiastic response from audiences. The thriller series follows Navy SEAL James Reece, played by Chris Pratt, who attempts to get revenge on the people who orchestrated the death of his team and his family while also unraveling a massive government conspiracy.

Pratt and Carr expressed confidence earlier this year that The Terminal List season 2 may be on the way, and now, Sanders, Amazon Studios’ Head of Television, teases in a new interview with Collider that an announcement is on the horizon. While it could be a renewal confirmation, Sanders’ comment suggests that it could also be something else that he calls “even more interesting.” Check out Sanders’ full comment below when asked why the series hadn’t been renewed:

“I think that we are cooking up something that, when we’re ready to announce, Terminal List fans will be very excited about. It may be something even more interesting than what you just stated, so hold tight.”

What To Expect From A Potential The Terminal List Season 2

If Pratt’s Prime Video thriller series does get renewed, there’s plenty of material in Carr’s books that wasn’t included in season 1. In season 1, for example, Reece is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor as the result of a secret government experiment to cure PTSD, and the finale leaves this storyline open-ended. Pratt’s The Terminal List character sails off into the sunset after seemingly having killed everyone responsible for his team and his family’s murder, but fans of Carr’s books will know that it’s eventually revealed that Reece’s brain tumor is, in fact, operable. Since season 1 makes it clear that Reece’s life will be cut short by the tumor, season 2 could provide a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

From the brutal ambush of Reece’s Navy SEALs team at the beginning of the show to Reece’s subsequent revenge, very few characters are left standing at the end of season 1. Despite their strong chemistry throughout The Terminal List, Taylor Kitsch’s Ben Edwards is revealed to have had a hand in the death of Reece’s SEAL team, with Pratt’s character subsequently shooting his former friend off-screen. Although there are few original characters left, reporter Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) remains standing at the end of the show, and the character could play an important role in events to come.

It’s unclear how closely The Terminal List season 2 will follow Carr’s books, but, if it does, there’s a heap of action and intrigue headed fans’ way. At the very least, fans should expect more information regarding Reece’s terminal cancer diagnosis, which could ultimately change the character’s “nothing to lose” approach to life. It remains to be seen whether The Terminal List season 2 will move forward, but Sanders’ comment suggests that Reece’s story will continue in some form, and an announcement could be imminent.