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The Batman Spinoff The Penguin Casts Gotham Mob Boss Falcone’s Daughter

The Batman spinoff series, The Penguin, has started casting for the HBO Max drama, with Sofia Falcone, daughter of the infamous Gotham mob boss, joining the show. While Warner Bros. Discovery is moving forward with the DCU (formerly known as the DCEU) in light of the launch of DC Studios, the studio is also continuing to flesh out Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe. Starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, The Batman served as a reimagination of the iconic DC hero, taking place during the Dark Knight’s second year as a crime fighter.

Before even hitting theaters, HBO Max had already begun working on multiple spinoffs set in the world of The Batman, with Reeves attached as an executive producer. One of them is The Penguin, focusing on Colin Farrell’s character, who debuted in The Batman as a supporting antagonist. While plot details are being kept under wraps, it’s been confirmed that The Penguin takes place a week after the events of The Batman, as the film ended with Gotham City essentially being underwater.

With The Penguin eying production in 2023, the HBO Max drama has finally started adding new cast members. Variety reports that Made for Love and How I Met Your Mother star, Cristin Milioti, is joining The Batman spinoff series as none other than Sofia Falcone, daughter of the infamous Gotham City mob boss, who John Turturro played in Reeves’ movie. The Penguin will be the second major DC live-action series to feature Sofia as she appeared on Gotham, where Crystal Reed portrayed her.

How The Penguin Could Be Different As a DC TV Show

While The Penguin will be the first time Oswald leads his own show, it can also be a very different DC TV series, as it helps flesh out The Batman’s shared universe. Having a DC TV drama headlined by a supervillain flips the perspective because the audiences will now follow a criminal who is also very proud to be a baddie. Throughout The Penguin, the writers can not only explore just how deep his criminal activity goes but also more of his backstory, which was barely scratched upon in The Batman.

With the inclusion of Milioti’s Sofia, The Penguin will definitely maintain the Falcone connections that were started in The Batman. Whether or not Turturro’s Carmine will appear in the series is unclear, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he did, especially as Sofia enters the picture after The Batman’s ending. While Gotham had Oswald, played by Robin Lord Taylor, as one of the main characters, it will be interesting in contrast to see how The Penguin does for the character when the spotlight is entirely on him. Hopefully, as The Penguin gets production underway in 2023, HBO Max will clarify what else is in store for the series.