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The Boys: Homelander’s Son Praises His Dad’s Heroics In Hilarious Video

In honor of National Parents Day, a hilarious new The Boys season 4 video sees Homelander’s son praising his dad and hinting at the negative effects of the Supe’s parenting. Officially renewed in June, production on season 4 of Prime Video’s acclaimed superhero series began in Toronto, Canada last month. Created by Eric Kripke, the show is based on graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, focusing on a world where super-humans exist and are commercialized for their powers. Controlled by Vought, a corporation which gladly conceals their corruption, a group of ragtag vigilantes works to expose the truth behind Supes by any means necessary.

Depicted as a satirical parody of DC’s Superman, Homelander functions as the overarching villain of The Boys and the archnemisis of the foul-mouthed British vigilante Billy Butcher. Played by Antony Starr, the character endured a turbulent arc in The Boys season 3 as he sought to recover his reputation following the revelation that his girlfriend, Stormfront, was a Nazi. Somehow managing to turn things in his favour after overthrowing Vought CEO Stan Edgar and boosting his ratings through a fake romantic relationship with Starlight, Homelander ultimately seemed to end the season on top, having reunited with his son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and garnering praise for brutally murdering a man in broad daylight.

Now, a funny faux The Boys season 4 video advertisement posted by Vought International on Twitter sees the potential consequences of Homelander’s parenting. Commemorating National Working Parents Day, the video features Ryan innocently colouring in a picture of his superpowered father. Describing how he “keeps everyone safe” and is “always smiling when he does it”, Ryan’s drawing takes a more sinister edge when he begins colouring in the dead bodies at his feet. Check out the post below:


The new The Boys season 4 video comes just days after another video showed Butcher educating children on the dangers of superheroes with melting toys and cuss words. Recently promoted to a season regular in the series, Crovetti is expected to feature far more prominently in The Boys season 4 as Ryan falls under the influence of his increasingly deranged father. Having chosen Homelander over Butcher in the season 3 finale, showrunner Kripke has already confirmed that the next season is set to focus heavily on a battle for Ryan’s soul as his two father figures fight for his affection.

With family and fatherhood acting as important themes throughout the series, the latest promotional video provides a fitting but subtle indicator of what is to come in The Boys season 4. Furthering the significance of season 3’s final scene, where Ryan smiles as Homelander is applauded for murdering a protestor, the new video suggests that the impact of that moment is likely to have long-lasting effects on the boy’s psyche and morals. Though this poses an even greater challenge for Butcher as he attempts to regain Ryan’s trust, The Boys season 4 must also contend with Homelander growing even more amoral after he was celebrated for losing control in season 3.