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The Boys Stars Pay Respect To Timothy The Octopus In Funny BTS Photo

Timothy the octopus is gone but not forgotten in a BTS photo shared by The Boys actor Anthony Starr. Starr plays the celebrity hero Homelander in the Amazon Prime Video satirical superhero series, a character famous for his terrifying immaturity and thirst for approval. The leader of Vought International-owned ‘superhero’ group The Seven (which is down to 3 ahead of The Boys season 4), Homelander uses his formidable power and unstable demeanor to bend those around him to his will throughout season 3.

Though not many people are left for Homelander to control by the end of the latest season of the comic book-based series, which wrapped up earlier this year, he still manages to torture those who are left, namely A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and the Deep (Chace Crawford). A-Train is mostly the brunt of fat-shaming by Homelander, but the Deep gets an even more sinister treatment. In season 3, vying to reclaim his place in The Seven, the Deep is subject to Homelander’s whims as he tries to win the hero over. In one particularly stomach-turning scene, Homelander forced the Deep to eat a live octopus, well aware of Deep’s ability to communicate and connect with sea creatures.

It seems that Homelander has since seen the error of his ways, as Starr recently shared a tribute photo to the octopus, dubbed Timothy by the Deep, via Instagram. The photo shows Starr and Crawford enjoying a meal while filming The Boys season 4. In the caption, Starr insists that the two are eating “land mammals” rather than seafood, and closes the post with a simple “#justicefortimothy.” See the tongue-in-cheek post below

The image is an amusing way to honor poor Timothy and reference the infamous scene. In the comments, Prime Video UK and The Boys’ official Instagram got in on the fun by adding on to the laments about Timothy’s tragic fate. Many users simply interacted with the post by repeating the hashtag, #JusticeForTimothy, showing that fans of the show didn’t take the octopus’ gruesome death lightly. Keeping with the hilariously irreverent nature of the series, The Boys’ Twitter also shared a tribute to Timothy with the same hashtag after the octopus was devoured, in the form of a black-and-white In Memoriam parody video. Seeing the actors themselves pay tribute to the scene much like fans would shows their genuine appreciation for the series.

Timothy’s death was just one of multiple shocking octopus scenes in The Boys season 3. In season 3, episode 6, “Herogasm,” the Deep finally acts on his implied sexual attraction to sea creatures by seemingly having sex with an octopus at the ‘supe’ orgy. That scene becomes even more shocking and crass when one considers that, three episodes prior, the aquatic hero was forced to eat a member of the same species. Given the reaction from The Boys fans to the octopus-centric Deep scenes, it seems likely that the Deep/octopus gag could continue in The Boys season 4.