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Supernatural Almost Had A Vampire Diaries Crossover: Why It Didn’t Happen

Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries could have had a crossover episode—if only one party hadn’t been too quick to say no to joining forces. Both horror fantasy TV shows tell dramatic stories of paranormal beings living, dying, and killing among humans. So, it’s no wonder that, at some point, someone planted the seed of an idea for a crossover.

Crossovers episodes have become increasingly common, especially on The CW, which aired both The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. However, the two longtime mainstays, one of which had spinoffs in The Originals and Legacies, never tapped into that trend. Only in 2018 did Supernatural finally complete a long-dreamed-of crossover with Scooby-Do. Interestingly, the same year was when word came from an official source about a proposed Vampire Diaries and Supernatural crossover.

When The Vampire Diaries was in its first or second season (2009-2011) and Supernatural was in its fifth or sixth, the Supernatural team approached The Vampire Diaries about developing a shared story. This was revealed by Julie Plec, who co-developed The Vampire Diaries with Kevin Williamson. During a promotional Q&A in 2018, Plec said (via KSiteTV), “Kevin and I were like ‘absolutely not, because we are vampires and werewolves. We don’t have demons. We don’t have Hell. We don’t have the devil. We don’t have any of that stuff! It’s like two completely different supernatural universes!'”

Why The Supernatural Team Wanted A Crossover

Interestingly enough, The Vampire Diaries did later introduce Arcadius, creator of a realm that would come to be known as Hell. The two shows also share a handful of actors sprinkled among the seasons. But years before Plec revealed Supernatural‘s crossover overture, the stars of that show were fantasizing in public about what it could look like. At a 2014 NerdHQ panel (via YouTube), Jensen Ackles responded to a question about crossovers he’d like to be a part of. The star, who plays Dean Winchester, said, “I don’t know. Maybe given the trade that the Winchester brothers are in, maybe we go pay a visit to The Vampire Diaries and just wipe them out.” The crowd didn’t seem to mind the idea.

As the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries was being announced in 2016, Ackles took up the cause again, expressing a desire to at least give a nod to the idea of the two shows existing in the same universe. “It might be a little conflict in scheduling seeing as how we film thousands of miles away from each other,” he said (via YouTube). “I just say at the end, we’ll loan them an Impala and just have the Impala drive into town as the last thing you see. That’s all you need.” Misha Collins, who plays Supernatural‘s angel Castiel, added: “And then the screen cuts to black and you just hear screams.”

It’s impossible to know for sure, but it seems like everyone who’s spoken on this matter from the Supernatural side of things desperately wants to fight Damon, Stefan, Elena, and all the rest of the supernatural beings from The Vampire Diaries. And even Plec thinks a crossover with Supernatural might not have been a bad idea after all. “Looking back with some distance, that would have been fun!” she said.