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LEGO Releases Weirdest Star Wars Set Ever To Celebrate May 4th

LEGO has introduced a bizarre new Star Wars set to celebrate May 4th. The Star Wars franchise became a multimedia juggernaut off of one of the first creator-directed merchandising campaigns in cinema history. Although the plastic construction toy company LEGO didn’t become officially involved with the franchise until 1999 to promote the release of the prequel trilogy, the two brands have formed a robust relationship that has continued through to today, with LEGO allowing fans to reproduce many of the most popular characters, locations, and especially ships from the films. In fact, their partnership has extended beyond toys and into its own mini-franchise that includes Lego Star Wars video games and animated short films.

May 4th has become an unofficial Star Wars holiday due to the pun “May the 4th be with you” sounding just like the franchise’s famous line “may the force be with you.” Although the day has been celebrated by fans more or less since the beginning of the franchise, Disney has been officially observing the fan holiday since 2013. Their celebrations usually include exclusive merchandise, theme park events, and special streaming premieres of Star Wars bonus material like the documentary series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. On a particularly robust Star Wars Day in 2021, Disney+ premiered the brand new animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch.