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Rick & Morty Yule Log Video Also Features Interdimensional Cable Clips

Rick and Morty is celebrating the holidays with a new Yule Log video featuring Interdimensional Cable clips, just days after releasing Summer’s “It’s Rickmas Time” rap. Adult Swim’s animated science-fiction sitcom following the misadventures of mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his fretful grandson, Morty Smith, through interdimensional spaces, further explored its multiverse storyline during season 5. Rick and Morty season 6 was confirmed as part of a long-term deal, but the undetermined length of its break has left fans eager for more content.

Rick and Morty‘s endeavors in the holiday festivities have always separated themselves from other television Christmas specials. Rarely wholesome, but consistently outlandish and humorous, the series has always offered a unique spin on the holiday format. Though season 5 did not include a Christmas episode, earlier in the month, the series announced its “12 Days of Rickmas” sweepstakes and dropped “It’s Rickmas Time,” a holiday rap song performed by Rick’s granddaughter, Summer Smith. The song ditches the traditional tone of holiday music, instead choosing to inject the series’ humor and showcase Summer’s lyrics filled with cursing and the show’s self-aware jokes.

On December 15, in continuing with its holiday content, Adult Swim released a new Rick and Morty Yule Log video to its YouTube channel. The video features Rick and Morty, sitting back in front of a cheerfully decorated room prepared with a burning fire, surfing through Interdimensional Cable channels on the television. Fans of the series have grown familiar with the Interdimensional cable box Rick invented to receive channels across all dimensions, and the Yule Log video contains funny and creative clips that they have yet to see. Check out Rick and Morty‘s new Yule Log video below:

Fans are likely excited by the release of holiday-themed content this year, though previous Christmas episodes can still be watched as well. Rick and Morty‘s holiday episodes, while far darker and stranger than anything comparable, still maintain the spirit of the show and are exactly what long-time fans expect. The series’ most recent holiday episode in season 4 is also the most abnormal of the bunch, featuring the Story Train and multiple futures where an imagined Christmas is mentioned, and Jesus himself appears. Whether the show continues to include Christmas as the focus of future episodes remains to be seen, but fans with an understanding of Rick and Morty‘s dark humor will happily accept anything they get.

Holiday specials are among some of the most beloved episodes for many different television shows. Rick and Morty is accustomed to unique storytelling and unconventional timing when it comes to its holiday episodes. Though audiences were not given a Christmas episode this past season, the approach the series is taking this holiday season offers them a different type of celebration. Fans are sure to love the creation of the Yule Log video and can perhaps look forward to more Rick and Morty content ahead of season 6 soon.