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How I Met Your Father Posters Reveal HIMYM Reboot Character Details

New How I Met Your Father posters reveal more details about the characters from the How I Met Your Mother reboot. How I Met Your Father will take the same premise from HIMYM but remixes it for today’s audiences. Instead of Ted Mosby recounting for his children the adventures he and his friends had living and dating in NYC, the new series will follow Hilary Duff’s Sophie in the big city. Starring alongside Duff, Kim Cattrall will be playing older Sophie, and Chris Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, and Suraj Sharma make up Sophie’s core group of friends.

Despite its poorly received series finale, HIMYM had a massive fanbase and garnered much praise throughout its run. Hoping to capitalize on its popularity, CBS attempted to create a spinoff series after HIMYM‘s series finale premiered in 2014, but that series ultimately was canceled. To fans’ relief, Hulu announced earlier this year that HIMYM would be getting the reboot it deserves. How I Met Your Father will premiere on January 18, 2022, on Hulu, and its trailer shows Sophie juggling the kind of dating disasters HIMYM is known for.

This week, less than a month before the series premiere, How I Met Your Father released (via Twitter) six character posters with details about Sophie and her friends. Each poster finally reveals the names of Sophie’s friends, and they hint at what kind of challenges they might encounter in season 1. Right off the bat, it seems that dating troubles and money issues will affect all of the How I Met Your Father gang. See the posters below to meet all the new characters:

















Naturally, fans will have high hopes for How I Met Your Father, after years of trying and failing to launch a HIMYM spinoff series. Not only will the show want to retain the original series’ charms, but it will also want to stand out as a fresh addition to the 2022 television slate. These character posters show a little bit of that balance, but they also make it clear that How I Met Your Father is rooted firmly in the present day – Uber didn’t even exist in HIMYM season 1.

Although How I Met Your Father seems to be a great modern retelling of HIMYM so far,  including smartphone apps isn’t enough to win viewers in 2022. One of the recurring criticisms of sitcoms is the lack of diversity in most shows’ lead cast, and HIMYM was no exception to this. How I Met Your Father thankfully recognized where the beloved original series lacked and updated its cast of characters to be more inclusive. Fans eager to see how else How I Met Your Father differs from the original will need to catch the series premiere on Hulu next month.