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Modern Family Star Speechless Over WandaVision Episode 7’s Homage

Julie Bowen, most famously known for her role as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family, found herself speechless after WandaVision paid homage to the ABC show. Since its run began in mid-January, WandaVision has referenced a variety of popular television shows throughout the decades. The series’ most recent episode, titled “Breaking The Fourth Wall”, made many direct references to Modern Family, inspiring Bowen to take to social media to post her emotional response.

Each episode of the Disney+ series follows Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) as she navigates life within the picturesque suburban town of Westview. Fans of the show watch Wanda and her husband, the Avenger Vision (Paul Bettany), through two television screens, as the events of their reality are being experienced sitcom-style by special agents on the outside of the town’s force-field barrier. Each episode of Wanda’s fictional reality mimics a different decade of classic American television, with the latest episode landing on 2000s mockumentary-style, mirroring Modern Family.