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Catwoman Teased to Be Part of Zack Snyder’s DCEU

Justice League director Zack Snyder is teasing the existence of Catwoman in his DC universe. During his original tenure with DC, Snyder was given almost free reign to do as he pleased. Although he started to lose some control with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and eventually walked away from Justice League, Snyder had elaborate plans for a five-part story. This plan grew to include solo films for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, and more, and Snyder’s natural instinct to pepper his films with details helped set up the expansive universe.

The true extent of Snyder’s plans are starting to be realized thanks to HBO Max. The streaming service answered the bell and became the home of the Snyder Cut after over two years of a massive fan campaign. Snyder fueled the fire by constantly dropping teases of what his Justice League would look like, but he didn’t stop there. He’s shared plenty of teases about what he had planned for the future, and the Snyder Cut will bring some of them to life. This will include bringing more DC heroes to the screen, such as Martian Manhunter, The Atom, and possibly even Green Lantern, and villains like Darkseid, Deathstroke, and Jared Leto’s Joker.

It is unclear how much Snyder ever thought about actually including Catwoman in his prior DC movies or Justice League. He shared several different ideas about what backstory could possibly work for Catwoman and Batman to have a history in his universe. Since Snyder is typically quite assured of what his actual story plans are, the on-the-spot explanation of Catwoman and Batman’s history doesn’t sound like a story point he’s thought about much before.

Even if Snyder never planned on including Catwoman in his DC stories, it’s possible these teases could represent him changing his tune. He liked the suggestion that Carla Gugino, who was in Sucker Punch and Watchmen for Snyder, would be a great choice for Catwoman. Not only could she pull off Selina Kyle’s personality, but Gugino happens to be the same age as Affleck to sell the romance. If there is any additional photography on Justice League still happening, perhaps Snyder will find a way to include Catwoman. His working relationship with Gugino could even help convince her to play the part on short notice. But, if it is too late for Catwoman to be in Justice League, maybe Snyder will use any new ideas for her if he gets to make Justice League 2.


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