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Tenet Projected For Biggest U.S. Box Office Since Theaters Reopened

Tenet is finally releasing in U.S. theaters, and it’s projected to have the biggest domestic box office opening since theaters reopened.

Tenet is projected to have the biggest opening weekend at the U.S. box office since movie theaters reopened. As most know, the latest from director Christopher Nolan was originally scheduled to come out in July, but its release was delayed multiple times due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, Warner Bros. settled on a rollout strategy that saw Tenet come out internationally in late August, followed by a domestic premiere this weekend. However, Tenet will not be playing nationwide. Theaters in some U.S. markets (including New York) remain closed due to health & safety regulations.

Even though Tenet was not the first movie to open in theaters since the pandemic took a turn for the worse in March, it’s long been looked at as the one that could help save movie theaters. Nolan is one of the few filmmakers who can sell audiences on an original concept, evidenced by Inception and Interstellar being considerable draws back when they released. In preparation of Tenet’s debut, more theaters across America are opening back up, hoping it can be a much-needed boost for business. And if the early estimates are any indication, it will be.