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Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Super Bowl TV Spot Wants America to Wake Up

During the Super Bowl, The Handmaid’s Tale aired a TV spot for its third season asking America to wake up. The Hulu Original, starring Elisabeth Moss, has been widely hailed for its horrifying, all-too-relevant, and brilliantly written adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s famous dystopian novel. Since the second season of the show delved further into events that weren’t part of the source material, the shocking decision made by the series’ protagonist June (Moss) left many fans reeling with anticipation to find out what her next move will be. Atwood has also since confirmed that she’s writing a sequel to her novel.

Season 2 concluded last summer with June, otherwise known as Offred, having finally grasped a chance to escape her life as a handmaid: a woman purposed for breeding, in order to replenish the dwindling population of a war-torn future America called Gilead. At the last moment, she gives her newborn baby Nicole to her fellow captive and friend Emily (Alexis Bledel), as the escaping party heads for Canada. June slips into the night, preparing to track down her other daughter Hannah, who was seized by the government as an infant, adopted by another family, and is imminently becoming a child bride. June’s painful but persistent longing to save her daughter has been integral to the story so far, and the first glimpse of the third season implies that she’s now gone rogue, preparing to start a revolution.

Source:  Screenrant