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DC Universe’s Stargirl TV Show Finds Its Villain

 DC Universe casts Meg DeLacy as a villain for its Stargirl TV show. Stargirlcreator Geoff Johns initially announced the Stargirl series at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, with plans to launch the series in 2019 on DC Universe, the company’s new streaming subscription service.

Stargirl tells the story of Courtney Williams, a girl from Los Angeles who moves to the Midwest after her mother remarries. But Courtney learns that her stepfather has a secret: He was once a sidekick to a superhero. Courtney discovers a cosmic staff in his belongings, which helps her become the superhero Stargirl. She goes on to become part of the Justice Society of America. DC cast Brec Bassinger in the lead role. Joining her is Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Hourman, Joel McHale as Starman, Nelson Lee as Dragon King, Joy Osmanski as Tigress, Neil Hopkins as Sportsmaster and Henry Thomas as Doctor Mid-Nite. Also joining the cast is Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan, Courtney’s stepfather.

DC Universe just added a few more names to that cast list. Deadline reports that The Fosters‘ Meg DeLacy will portray Cindy Burman, a popular girl at Courtney’s new high school, whose father is an enemy of the Justice Society of America. Cindy will follow suit as the villain Shiv and become Stargirl’s nemesis. DC also cast Rectify’s Jake Austin Walker in an undisclosed role.

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