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Wilson Fisk Is Back In New Daredevil Season 3 Video

With Daredevil season 3 just around the corner, a new video takes a deeper look at the return of one of the series’ greatest characters: Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin served as the primary villain during the first season of the flagship Netflix Marvel show, during which time blind lawyer Matt Murdock took up fighting crime by night as a masked vigilante. Following an intense battle, Fisk is arrested and has since been serving time in prison. During season 2, Fisk has a hand in orchestrating the release of Frank Castle, the Punisher, from prison.

Season 3 marks the character’s return in a big way. The 13-episode season will feature Murdock, who was presumed dead following the events of The Defenders, as he returns to crime-fighting, choosing to take a darker path than he has in the past. The season will also feature the return of Karen Page, the legal secretary turned journalist who was a vital part of The Punisher; his best friend and former partner, Foggy Nelson, and a new threat: Bullseye, the alias of Agent Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, who will be working alongside Fisk to defeat The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Fisk’s return is highlighted in the below video from Netflix. The crime lord has been released from prison and has vowed to kill everyone that Matt cares about. He hasn’t missed a step being behind bars, and he’s as tough as ever. One scene shows him standing behind Matt, telling him to “let the devil out,” which is a theme that’s been shown throughout the trailers released – that Matt no longer has the same relationship with God that he once had, and he’s now embracing the “devil” side of himself.