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Captain America’s New Shield is Made Out of Magic

What if Captain America had the powers of a super-soldier AND those of Doctor Strange ? According to Marvel Comics, he wouldn’t need his classic vibranium shield… since a magical one would work even better.

That’s just one of the unexpected reveals delivered in Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme, one of several limited comics spinning out of the larger Infinity Wars event. If fans thought that seeing Thanos killed by Gamora was as shocking and satisfying as the event could possibly get, then the first previews of Steve Rogers conjuring and wielding his magical shield should hint at how high that bar will continue to rise.

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It seems that, in this alternate “Infinity Warp’ reality, the government’s goal wasn’t just to create a super-soldier, but one as infused with mystical powers as he was with strength and stamina. And boy was Steve Rogers a success, as made clear in  CBR ‘s preview page of Soldier Supreme #1 below. Take a look:

As the artwork shows, Steve’s summoned shield spell (manifested with his telltale star insignia) may just put his vibranium original to shame, stopping bullets, bazookas, and even a tank round without him moving a muscle. Aside from showing just how much fun writer Gerry Duggan and artist Adam Kubert are having in this Marvel mash-up, the previews of the “Infinity Warps’ characters are building even more interest than the premises did on their own. Now fans must only wait to see Captain America don his Doctor Strange-esque uniform, but there are plenty other mash-ups to enjoy in the meantime.

Source : Screenrant