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13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker? | Netflix

Everyone had a reason to want Bryce Walker dead. But who actually went through with it? Season 3 drops August 23, 2019 on Netflix. Watch 13 Reasons Why, Only on Netflix: SUBSCRIBE: Follow 13 Reasons Why On Twitter: Like 13 Reasons Why On Facebook: Follow 13 Reasons Why On Instagram: […]

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Study Connects Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why With Increase in Youth Suicides

A study connects Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why with an increase in youth suicides. After its initial publication in 2007, Jay Asher’s YA novel 13 Reasons Why reached best-seller status, despite its heavy themes and depiction of teen suicide. A decade later, the novel was adapted as a Netflix series, becoming an instant hit. Having recently been renewed for a third season, 13 […]